ICE Detainees Face Harsh Conditions in California ; Dubai Goes Green ; and More Picks 2/28

Immigrants Face Harsh Conditions in California ICE Facilities, Study Says (Reader Steve)

From the Sacramento Bee: “Thousands of detainees in the state’s 10 immigration facilities are facing harsh conditions that include 22-hour stints of cell confinement, obstacles to legal representation, severe disciplinary practices and lack of access to communication with family members, a study released by the California’s Department of Justice revealed on Tuesday.”

Operative in North Carolina Congressional Race Arrested in ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Case (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., 63, was accused of directing workers to collect and mail in other people’s absentee ballots during the 2018 Republican congressional primary and the 2016 general election. It is against the law in North Carolina for anyone other than the voter or a close relative to handle a mail-in ballot, a measure aimed at guarding against manipulation.”

Federal Judge Orders Texas to End ‘Flawed’ Effort to ID Noncitizen Voters (Chris)

The author writes, “A federal judge in Texas ruled that state officials ‘created a mess’ when they questioned the citizenship of about 98,000 voters and mistakenly concluded that many of those voters were not eligible to cast ballots. The sharply written ruling by U.S. District Judge Fred Biery of San Antonio ordered Texas officials to halt the removal of any registered voter from state voter rolls.”

Media Outlets Host Alan Dershowitz Without Asking Him About Jeffrey Epstein (Chris)

The author writes: “During news appearances, Dershowitz didn’t comment on his role in a settlement prosecutors gave to the billionaire pedophile, which a judge ruled was illegally hidden from victims”

Infrared Photos Reveal Dubai’s Budding ‘Green Paradise’ (Mili)

The author writes, “gardeners have coaxed fountain grass, date palms, and ghat trees to take root in public parks, golf courses, and other places, even transforming the dead space beneath highway flyovers and cloverleafs into beautiful, patterned carpets irrigated by sewage water.”

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