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This Toad Can Get You High — Really High. Poachers Have Taken Notice. (Maria)

The author writes, “Though the Sonoran Desert toad is not currently in danger of extinction, they are increasingly threatened by climate change, human expansion, and pollution, says [Tucson Herpetological Society President Robert] Villa. But Villa knows all too well, as spokesman for the herp society’s ‘Save the Toads’ education campaign, that Incilius alvarius is facing a more immediate danger to life and limb.”

Ron DeSantis Says He’s a Christian. He Should Read the Parable of the Good Samaritan. (Al)

From Reason: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appears to be getting a bit big for his britches. He’s not only imagining himself as the nation’s next president as he competes for the Republican nomination, but he recently envisioned himself as one of Jesus’ disciples during one of history’s greatest dramas. ‘These guys all went out and they dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel,’ DeSantis said in a televised interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network. ‘I look back at that and would love to have been able to be there with them.’ Some died horrific deaths as martyrs. None of them sought or gained governmental power, so it’s an interesting take from an ambitious politician.”

Tuberville’s Blockade on Military Promotions Helps China, Lawmakers Warn (Dana)

The author writes, “One senator’s opposition to abortion is preventing the appointment of a new Marine Corps Commandant, leaving the U.S. vulnerable to China, critics warn. Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama has prevented the Senate Armed Services Committee from advancing the nomination for a new Marine Commandant and as many as 265 other military officials up for promotion. He says he will not provide his vote to move forward on the nominees until the Pentagon ends its practice of paying for service members to travel for abortions.”

Nonprofit Trust Buying Press Herald, Other Maine Newspapers in Landmark Deal (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “A national nonprofit plans to take over ownership of five of Maine’s six daily newspapers as part of a landmark deal that could help preserve local news across the state. The National Trust for Local News has entered into an agreement to purchase the Portland Press Herald and all of the other assets of Masthead Maine, with a closing date in late July, Reade Brower, owner of Masthead Maine, and Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro, chief executive officer and co-founder of the trust, said in interviews Monday.”

Heat Down Below Is Making the Ground Shift Under Chicago (Russ)

From The New York Times: “Basements and train tunnels constantly leak heat, causing the land to sink and straining building foundations. Scientists call it ‘underground climate change.’”

A Couple’s Quixotic Quest to Save Their Drowning Island — One Rock at a Time (Laura)

The author writes, “Frank and Monica Woll bought two beautiful islands in the Florida Keys only to see storms and rising waters wash much of them away. Then they got serious.”

A Renegade Sea Otter Is Terrorizing California Surfers: ‘It’s a Little Scary’ (Sean)

From the Los Angeles Times: “It was Joon Lee’s fourth time surfing on Sunday. The 40-year-old Apple software engineer from San Jose had rented a board and driven south to Santa Cruz to catch some waves off the coast of the iconic surf town. But about 90 minutes into his session, he was attacked — by a sea otter. Since mid-June, an otter — which remains nameless — has been attacking and terrorizing surfers off the Santa Cruz coastline — in at least one case, stealing a board.”


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