UC Must Immediately Drop Use of the SAT and ACT ; Pilots Reported Seeing a Man Wearing a Jetpack Soaring Over LAX ; and More Picks 9/3

Georgia Likely Removed Nearly 200k From Voter Rolls Wrongfully (Reader Pat)

The authors write, “The state of Georgia has likely removed nearly 200,000 Georgia citizens from the voter rolls for wrongfully concluding that those people had moved and not changed the address on their voter registration, when in fact they never moved, according to a new report released on Wednesday. The ACLU of Georgia released the report which was conducted by the Palast Investigative Fund, a nonpartisan group that focuses on data journalism, on Wednesday.”

His Brother Called for Help After He Was Acting Strangely. Police Knelt on Him Until He Was Braindead (Dana)

The author writes, “Joe Prude called the police for help. His brother was acting strangely and had suddenly bolted out the back door. But when Rochester police found Daniel Prude soon after, naked and walking in the street, they handcuffed him, mocked him, put a mesh bag over his head, knelt on his back, and pushed his face into the ground until he stopped breathing, police records and body camera video shared with The Appeal show. Prude, who is Black, was unarmed.”

UC Must Immediately Drop Use of the SAT and ACT for Admissions and Scholarships (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “The University of California must immediately suspend all use of SAT and ACT test scores for admission and scholarship decisions under a preliminary injunction issued by an Alameda County Superior Court judge. The ruling came in a lawsuit asserting that the use of standardized test scores is broadly biased — and particularly detrimental to students with disabilities who seek to take the test during the coronavirus crisis.”

Doctors Rebuild Damaged Corneas Using Patients’ Own Stem Cells for First Time in US (Mili)

From Science Magazine: “Surgeons at Massachusetts Eye and Ear have replaced the ocular surface of four patients who each experienced chemical burns to one eye by using their own stem cells taken from the other healthy eye, in a technique known as ‘cultivated autologous limbal epithelial cell transplantation’ (CALEC). These four cases, all part of an ongoing clinical trial supported by the National Eye Institute of the NIH, represent the first procedures of their kind to occur in the United States.”

Pilots Reported Seeing a Man Wearing a Jetpack Soaring Over LAX (Dana)

From Los Angeles Magazine: “On Sunday evening at around 6:30 p.m., pilots helming an American Airlines flight from Philly reported an unusual sighting to air traffic control during their approach into Los Angeles. ‘Tower, American 1997—we just passed a guy in a jetpack,’ the pilot said. At the time, the plane’s altitude was about 3,000 feet and the man was spotted about 300 yards to the plane’s left. For reference, the tallest building in L.A., Wilshire Grand Center, is 1,100 feet tall; a mile is 5,280 feet. After warning the pilot of an incoming JetBlue flight about the potential rocket man, an air traffic controller quipped, ‘Only in L.A.’”

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