How NASA Was Hacked ; US Poverty Statistics Ignore Millions of Struggling Americans ; and More Picks 6/24

With White House Threatening Mass Raids, Undocumented Immigrants Try to Stay Out of Sight (Celia)

The author writes, “Parents are vowing to keep their children out of summer programs. Shopping trips are consolidated to limit driving. Migrants without papers are avoiding large crowds and minimizing going out at night and even attending church.”

Without Any Warrants, CBP Searched My Devices at the Airport (Russ)

From the Intercept: “He read my communications with friends, family, and loved ones. He went through my correspondence with colleagues, editors, and sources. He asked about the identities of people who have worked with me in war zones. He also went through my personal photos, which I resented.”

NASA Hacked Because of Unauthorized Raspberry Pi Connected to Its Network (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “NASA described the hackers as an ‘advanced persistent threat,’ a term generally used for nation-state hacking groups.”

US Poverty Statistics Ignore Millions of Struggling Americans (Chris)

From the Conversation: “Poverty is measured in the U.S. in two ways — but both focus on a lack of income. Currently, those who may have some income but lack other key necessities, like health insurance and access to quality education, are invisible in official poverty data.” 

Debunked: The Absurd Story About Smartphones Causing Kids to Sprout Horns (Mili)

The author writes, “The Washington Post on Thursday published a story suggesting that the use of mobile devices is causing young people to sprout horns from their skulls. But a look at the scientific data behind the story finds that such a splashy takeaway is tenuous at best — and atrocious reporting at worst.”

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