Geek Squad, FBI
Unwarranted Searches? Over ten years the FBI has paid some Geek Squad staff to report illegal content found on customer devices according to documents uncovered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Best Buy stated the four employees involved acted against company training and policies. Photo credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Geek Squad FBI Informants

DOJ vs California ; US Troops in Niger Receive ‘Imminent Danger’ Pay ...and More Picks

DOJ vs California ; US Troops in Niger Receive ‘Imminent Danger’ Pay ...and More Picks 3/9

A Texas Judge Used a Barbaric Courtroom Punishment on a Defendant Who Pleaded the Fifth (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Texas’s Eighth Court of Appeals has ordered a new trial for convicted sex offender Terry Lee Morris after the court found that the sentencing judge shocked the defendant with a powerful stun belt for pleading the Fifth.”

Why Can’t the DCCC and the Resistance Get Along? (Trevin)

Politico writes that “Tuesday’s primary contests in Texas ripped wide open a split between the progressive and centrist wings of the Democratic Party.” The DCCC’s attempt to “derail the candidacy of Laura Moser by taking the unprecedented step of publishing an opposition research memo on a fellow Democrat” backfired, as Moser was able to turn the attack “into a badge of honor.” She went on to make “the May 22 runoff with 24 percent of the vote.”

Baltimore Joins Sanctuary City Pioneers (Reader Steve)

How? By devoting $200,000 toward immigrants fighting deportations.

US Embassy in Israel Draws More Controversy (Dan)

While the embassy might be in Jerusalem, it may not be in Israel. Rather, the current plan has the newly constructed US presence partially in “No Man’s Land.” Or as it’s commonly called: Palestine.

DOJ vs California Over Immigration. Bet on States’ Rights (Reader Steve)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s case against California’s “sanctuary cities” policies will likely fail due to a precedent set by a 1996 Supreme Court decision, which said that states don’t have to comply with the federally-imposed pro-gun control measure in the Brady Act. The case was decided by conservative justices, including deceased Justice Antonin Scalia.

US Troops Suddenly Receive ‘Immediate Danger’ Pay in Niger (Dan)

US troops in Niger, who were involved in a skirmish last October, will receive higher pay due to their proximity to violence. This likely won’t be the last time we hear about a growing war zone in the African country.


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