Has COVID-19 Killed Globalization? ; Trump Brings in the Infantry for His War on Blue America ; and More Picks 5/15

Has COVID-19 Killed Globalization? (Dana)

From the Economist: “Trade will suffer as countries abandon the idea that firms and goods are treated equally regardless of where they come from. Governments and central banks are asking taxpayers to underwrite national firms through their stimulus packages, creating a huge and ongoing incentive to favour them. And the push to bring supply chains back home in the name of resilience is accelerating.”

Trump Brings in the Infantry for His War on Blue America (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “Even during the shared national challenge of the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump is escalating his attacks on the institutions of blue America. And a growing number of other Republicans are joining him.”

‘Promiscuous Treatment of Nature’ Will Lead to More Pandemics — Scientists (Dana)

The author writes, “Deforestation and other forms of land conversion are driving exotic species out of their evolutionary niches and into manmade environments, where they interact and breed new strains of disease, the experts say.”

What’s Coming When Stores Reopen? The Mother of All Clearance Sales (Reader Steve)

From the Buffalo News: “When clothing retailers finally open, they are going to have an uphill battle. Despite stir-crazy consumers and pent-up demand, unemployment is at a near record high and a lot of people are broke. On top of that, customer traffic in stores is expected to be about a third of what it was before the shutdown … That means there is more stuff to get rid of and fewer people to buy it.”

Kansan Who Wanted a Sword Fight With Ex-Wife Deemed ‘Not Crazy’ (Chris)

The author writes, “A Kansas man who sought legal permission in Iowa to engage in a sword fight with his ex-wife is not insane but merely angry over their child custody arrangement, according to a psychological evaluation.”

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