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New Data Shows Startling Decline in Reef Sharks — And Clear Path to Recovery (Maria)

The author writes, “Sharks and their relatives are some of the most threatened vertebrates on Earth, with approximately one-third estimated or assessed as threatened with extinction. This is a major problem because as predators that help keep the food web in balance, these animals play a variety of vitally important ecological roles. …  [New data show] startling declines of [a] once-common reef shark species but also signs of hope that these populations can recover.”

Vaccine Scientist Peter Hotez Says He Was ‘Stalked’ After Billionaires — And Joe Rogan — Urge Him To Debate RFK Jr. (Sean)

From Forbes: “An ongoing Twitter debate over vaccine misinformation between podcaster Joe Rogan and scientist Peter Hotez has led a number of individuals — including billionaires Bill Ackman and Elon Musk — to urge Hotez to debate anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in an online spat that purportedly led anti-vaxxers to show up at Hotez’s home to ‘stalk’ him.”

Where Republican Presidential Candidates Stand on Climate Change (Laura)

From The New York Times: “While many of them acknowledge that climate change is real, they largely downplay the issue and reject policies that would slow rising temperatures.”

Surprise: Trump Reportedly Stiffed a Restaurant Full of His Supporters He’d Promised to Buy Lunch (Mili)

The author writes, “After pleading not guilty to 37 felony counts brought by the Justice Department, the ex-president stopped by the Miami restaurant Versailles, where patrons prayed for him and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ one day early. It was there that the former president declared, ‘Food for everyone!’ Most people would take this declaration to mean Trump was saying he was going to buy food for everyone in the restaurant. 

Allyson Felix: Tori Bowie Can’t Die in Vain (Dana)

The author writes, “My former U.S. Track and Field teammate Tori Bowie, who was found dead in her home in Florida on May 2, of complications related to childbirth at 8 months pregnant, was a beautiful runner. She was effortless. At the Rio Olympics, I ran the second leg of the 4 x 100 relay. Tori was the anchor. When she got the baton, I remember thinking, ‘it’s over.’ She just accelerated. When she crossed the finish line, I couldn’t wait to run over to her to celebrate. It was her first, and only, Olympic gold medal. …  Tori was 32 when she died.” 

Michigan City Council Approves Banning Pride, Ethnic, Religious, & Political Flags From City Property (Al)

The author writes, “After hours of fierce debate on Tuesday evening, the City of Hamtramck effectively ruled that it will no longer fly the LGBTQ Pride flag, along with others, on city property in an effort to remain neutral towards its residents. The resolution, passed unanimously in the late evening hours on June 13th, said ‘the government of the City of Hamtramck does not allow any religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags to be flown on the City’s public properties, and that only, the American flag, and the nations’ flags that represent the international character of our City shall be flown.’ According to officials, the City of Hamtramck is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. and it wishes to keep promoting all of its residents with ‘no discrimination or special treatment to any group.’”

As the Nation Celebrates Juneteenth, It’s Time to Get Rid of These Three Myths About Slavery (Reader Jim)

From CNN: “One of the biggest myths that historians and storytellers have successfully challenged in recent years is that enslaved African Americans were docile, passive victims who had to wait until White abolitionists and ‘The Great Emancipator’ Abraham Lincoln freed them. Black soldiers, for example, played a pivotal role in winning the Civil War. This new understanding of slavery has led to a rhetorical shift: It’s no longer proper to refer to people like Cummins as simply ‘slaves.’”

This Small WA City’s Unexplained Phenomenon, Gravity Hill, Has Stumped Experts for Decades (Reader Steve)

From the Tri-City Herald: “For people living around the Columbia Basin, driving past the ever-so-familiar Prosser water tower is a common routine. … But did you know that one of Prosser’s most iconic features is actually just outside of the city, and you don’t even have to get out of your car to experience it? Next time you embark on a journey through Prosser, make a pit stop at Gravity Hill. … Put your car in neutral and take your foot off the gas. Sit back as your car rolls uphill, seemingly on its own.”


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