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US corporations have been buying back their stock at record rates in the wake of the 2017 GOP tax cuts. Many executives in those same companies have sold large blocks of shares following those buybacks. Some workers received one-time bonuses and companies claim they will plow a portion of their tax-cuts into higher wages, research, plants, and equipment. Those promised investments, if sincere, may now be at risk due to the trade war. Photo credit: The White House / Wikimedia

Tax Cuts Fueled Stock Buybacks and Executive Stock Sales

Fight for $15 Win at Disneyland ; IMF Lessens Enthusiasm on Greek Economy ...and More Picks

Fight for $15 Win at Disneyland ; IMF Lessens Enthusiasm on Greek Economy ...and More Picks 8/1

Disneyland Agrees to Pay Its Workers $15 an Hour (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Unions representing nearly 10,000 Disneyland workers accepted Disney’s three-year contract to raise starting hourly wages to $15 an hour beginning next year. The agreement ends a lengthy labor battle over pay at Disney’s Anaheim resort.”

Legendary Journalist Seymour Hersh on Novichok, Russian Links to Donald Trump, and 9/11 (Reader Luke)

From the Independent: “In a rare interview, veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh talks about his illustrious career and how he believes the official versions of some of the biggest news stories of our time just don’t add up.”

Don’t Call It a Comeback, Says IMF About Greece (Dan)

Greece’s economic woes aren’t over, says the International Monetary Fund (IMF), even though the country’s finances are on the upswing. There will be still need to be austerity measures put in place, which means more cuts to social services and pensions.

Immigrant Youth Shelters: ‘If You’re a Predator, It’s a Gold Mine’ (Jimmy)

From ProPublica: “We obtained police reports and call logs from more than two-thirds of the shelters housing immigrant children. Here’s what they show.”

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