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Some Debates on Solar Energy See Environmentalists on Both Sides (Maria)

The author writes, “Janet McGowan and Steven Roof both live in the town of Amherst, Mass., and they have a lot in common. They live on the same road in old houses built amid rolling farmland and maple and birch trees. Both care deeply about the environment and understand that climate change poses a profound threat. … But they are split over how their community should rein in the emissions making the planet hotter.”

New Poll Reveals Voters Think Trump Is a Criminal, Biden Is Too Old and DeSantis Is a Fascist (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “A new poll out from JL Partners underscores major weaknesses for the three men most likely to be sworn in as president on 20 January 2025, with little good news to soften the blow. With the GOP primary now in full swing, Americans are getting a good look at the alternatives the Republican Party will present to the re-election of President Joe Biden, who was already the oldest president ever to take office when he did so in 2021.”

Massive Hack of Oregon DMV System Puts Estimated 3.5 Million Driver License and ID Card Info at Risk, Officials Say (Reader Steve)

From The Oregonian: The Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services confirmed Thursday that an estimated 3.5 million driver’s license and identification card files were compromised when the agency was hacked two weeks ago. Agency spokesperson Michelle Godfrey said Thursday … that the breach had extended to about 90% of the state’s driver’s license and ID card files.”

Australia’s ‘Worst Female Serial Killer’ Freed After Her Children’s Deadly Gene Mutations Come to Light (Dana)

The author writes, “A woman in Australia who spent 20 years in prison after being convicted of killing her four children has been released after new DNA evidence showed that all of the children, who died as infants over a 10 year period, possessed genetic mutations that could explain their deaths. In her initial conviction, there had been no physical evidence to suggest she’d killed the infants.”

He’s Deeply Religious and a Democrat. He Might Be the Next Big Thing in Texas Politics. (Al)

From Politico: “James Talarico confounds Fox News hosts, fights the culture wars by quoting scripture, and has fellow Democrats talking about his statewide future.”

The Workers Already Replaced by Artificial Intelligence (Mili)

From the BBC: “Earlier this year, a report from Goldman Sachs said that AI could potentially replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs. Any job losses would not fall equally across the economy. According to the report, 46% of tasks in administrative and 44% in legal professions could be automated, but only 6% in construction and 4% in maintenance. The report also points out that the introduction of AI could boost productivity and growth and might create new jobs. There is some evidence of that already.”

Climate Change and Conflict Are Wreaking Havoc in Somalia (Laura)

The author writes, “A historic drought, floods, and a widening war with al-Shabab have displaced more than a million people this year.”

Linguists Have Identified a New English Dialect That’s Emerging in South Florida (Sean)

From The Conversation: “‘We got down from the car and went inside.’ ‘I made the line to pay for groceries.’ ‘He made a party to celebrate his son’s birthday.’ These phrases might sound off to the ears of most English-speaking Americans. In Miami, however, they’ve become part of the local parlance.”

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