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Slowing Ocean Current Caused by Melting Antarctic Ice Could Have Drastic Climate Impact (Maria)

The author writes, “A major global deep ocean current has slowed down by approximately 30% since the 1990s as a result of melting Antarctic ice, which could have critical consequences for Earth’s climate patterns and sea levels, new research suggests. Known as the Southern Ocean overturning circulation, the global circulation system plays a key role in influencing the Earth’s climate, including rainfall and warming patterns. It also determines how much heat and carbon dioxide the oceans store.”

A New Supreme Court Opinion Is Terrible News If You Care About Clean Water (DonkeyHotey)

From Vox: “The Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision on Thursday which places a drastic new limit on the Clean Water Act, the 1972 law that forms the backbone of the United States’ efforts to ensure that America’s water supply is clean and safe.”

Mother of Teen in Citi Bike Video Speaks Out: ‘No One Bothered to Ask Him What Happened’ (Dana)

The author writes, “He’s a senior in high school. He should be planning to attend his prom and looking forward to walking the stage at his graduation in a few weeks, but instead, he and his family have spent the last week and a half living in turmoil. Michael is the teen in the infamous Citi Bike video with Sarah Jane Comrie, the woman who has been accused of weaponizing whiteness and her tears in an effort to take the bike from the teen in New York City.”

For the First Time Ever, Federal Trade Commission Fines an Organization for ‘Review Hijacking’ (Al)

From Fortune: “The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has slapped the maker of Nature’s Bounty vitamins with a $600,000 fine for ‘review hijacking’ its products on Amazon. The Bountiful Company, says the FTC in a press release, deceived consumers ‘into thinking that its newly introduced supplements had more product ratings and reviews, higher average ratings, and ‘#1 Best Seller’ and ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badges.’” 

Canadian Special Rapporteur Rules Out Inquiry Into Chinese Interference Claims (Roshni)

From The Guardian: “An official named to investigate allegations that China attempted to subvert Canadian elections has announced he will not launch a public inquiry, prompting frustration from critics who say the decision only furthers Beijing’s interests.”


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