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In the News: Honduran immigrant dies in ICE for-profit detention center. Vicente Caceres-Maradiaga was the third detainee to die at the Adelanto Detention Facility in California this year. According to ICE the preliminary cause of death to acute coronary syndrome. Photo credit: ICE

Scary Numbers of the Opioid Crisis

Leaking and Hacks Behind Recent Gulf Conflict ; Is Putin the Enemy or Distraction? ...and More Picks

Leaking and Hacks Behind Recent Gulf Conflict ; Is Putin the Enemy or Distraction? ...and More Picks for 6/9

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Inmate Raped by Guard Awarded $6.7M (DH)

The Milwaukee County Jail was held liable for damages as a result of sexual assaults committed by an employee against a pregnant inmate. The jury also found “no legitimate government purpose” for shackling the woman during childbirth.

Hacking, Leaks and the Gulf Conflict (Dan)

Qatar says that hacking of their media outlets led to the latest rift between them and other Gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Leaks to US officials, released by Qatar and the UAE over the years, show tensions have been simmering long before this recent flare up.

Video: Is Putin the Enemy or a Distraction? (Jimmy)

Watch this fascinating discussion and debate with former Clinton WH Counselor Bill Curry and The Real News Network’s Senior Editor Paul Jay on the Democratic Party’s strategic focus on the Trump-Russia connection.

Opinion: Media Accusations of Russian Collusion Inaccurate (Trevin)

Also revealed in Thursday’s testimony, Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch tried to influence the characterization of the Bureau’s criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Opioid Crisis Now Leading Cause of Death for Americans Under 50 (Jimmy)

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman reports, “To put the death toll into perspective, opioid deaths have now surpassed the peak in death by car crash in 1972, AIDS deaths in 1995 and gun deaths in 1993.”

Putin: Kremlin Critic McCain ‘Lives in Old World’ (Trevin)

Implying the Senator isn’t aware the Cold War ended a quarter century ago?

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