Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Game of Stones: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been jousting with Supreme Court newby, Justice Neil Gorsuch, during oral arguments in Gill v. Whitford, the case about partizan gerrymandering in Wisconsin.
Photo credit: National Museum of American / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Sanders’ Rise in the South

How Deportations are ‘Solving’ the Refugee Crisis ; Australia’s Facial Recognition Terror Law ...and More Picks

How Deportations are ‘Solving’ the Refugee Crisis ; Australia’s Facial Recognition Terror Law ...and More PIcks for 10/5

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Populists Are on the March in the South (Jimmy)

Bernie Sanders-backed candidate Randall Woodfin has just been elected mayor of Birmingham, AL, just months after residents of Jackson, MS elected left-wing populist Chokwe Lumumba Jr. Next month, in Atlanta, GA, Vincent Fort — another Bernie-backed candidate — could be elected mayor of that city.

How Europe is Ending the Refugee Crisis – Deportations (Dan)

A United Nations panel just called Europe “willfully blind” in regards to deportations of refugees back to their homeland of Afghanistan. Why? Because virtually nowhere in the country is safe. Yet since Afghanistan relies heavily on foreign investment, the country is obliged to take back the refugees.

Australia to Use Drivers License Photos for Facial Recognition Database (Trevin)

A way to more easily identify terror suspects, or a “honeypot” for “hackers and ID thieves?”

The Staggering Inequality of Average CEO Pay and Retirement Benefits (Jimmy)

The author writes, “By the same token, CEOs should have the same retirement plans as their subordinates. If they feel like a 401(k) with limited annual contributions doesn’t provide sufficient security, well, get in line, bub.”

France Codifies ‘State of Emergency’ Powers (Dan)

New French President Francois Macron’s first counterterror bill will lift the designation of France’s seemingly perpetual state of emergency by, well, making the expanded surveillance powers into law.


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