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Authoritarianism on the March? Poland’s Senate passed a law Saturday that will give the nationalist ruling party extensive control over the judiciary. About this photo: Demonstrations in front of the Polish parliament against the new law, July 18 2017. Photo credit: Grzegorz Żukowski / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Sanders in 2020?

Another Drone Mistake… ; GOP Saves Agencies? ; ...and More Picks

Another Drone Mistake… ; GOP Saves Agencies? ; ...and More Picks for 7/24

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Botched US Drone Strike Kills 15 Afghan Police (Jimmy)

The drone attack was thought to be targeting a Taliban compound. The dead police officers included two top commanders.

Conservatives Infighting Puts Muddles Brexit Clock (Dan)

‘Hard’, ‘Soft’, “Long’, ‘Short’…now ‘Possible’? Who knows when ‘Brexit’ will actually happen given the current state of UK leadership.

Sanders Keeping Door Open for 2020 (Trevin)

According to an associate, “he thinks he’s earned the right to run again, and he believes if he would have been the [Democratic] candidate he would have won against Trump.”

Who Isn’t Excited for Trump’s Agency Destruction? The GOP (Reader Steve)

In a weird twist, the GOP is saving many beloved programs. See them here.

Joint Chiefs Chairman: North Korea Military Option Not ‘Unimaginable’ (Dan)

Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, an Obama holdover, stresses that while ‘unlikely’, a military option against North Korea should be entirely ‘unimaginable’.


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