satellite tracking system
While addressing an international conference on disarmament, State Department Assistant Secretary Yleem D.S. Poblete was touting US plans to build a Space Force and raised concerns about a Russian satellite displaying "very abnormal behaviour.” Poblete said, "Mr. President, the United States has serious concerns about the activities of the Russian government in developing anti-satellite weapons, which we have shared many times in this forum." Photo credit: ESA / NASA

Russian Satellite Has US State Department Spooked

Google Employees Protest China Search Engine Work ; Catholic Priest Horror in PA ...and More Picks

Google Employees Protest China Search Engine Work ; Catholic Priest Horror in PA ...and More Picks 8/17

Google Employees Protest Secret Work on Censored Search Engine for China (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Hundreds of Google employees, upset at the company’s decision to secretly build a censored version of its search engine for China, have signed a letter demanding more transparency to understand the ethical consequences of their work.”

Tesla Founder Elon Musk Says Past Year Excruciating and ‘Worst Is Yet to Come’ (Reader Luke)

Some multi-billionaires just have it real tough.

How 3D Printing Exposes the Fallacy of Federal Gun Laws (Jimmy)

The author writes, “The NRA zealot is placated by Democratic rhetoric around banning only ‘weapons of war’ paired with the technical knowledge that they can tolerably dodge most Blue State gun laws via the modular technology described above. The pro-gun-control Blue Staters are placated because politicians are ‘doing something,’ and thanks mostly to ignorance about how modern guns work, think their gun laws are actually stopping the distribution of firearms when they increasingly resemble security theater.”

‘This Church Is a Criminal Enterprise’: Former Priest & Survivor Speak Out on PA Catholic Sex Abuse (Reader Luke)

From Democracy Now: “A shocking new Pennsylvania grand jury report has revealed that more than 300 Catholic priests sexually abused 1,000 children, and possibly thousands more, over a span of seven decades. The church leadership covered up the abuse, lying to communities, transferring predator priests rather than firing them, and locking abuse complaints away in what the church called a ‘secret archive.’”


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