Alexei Navalny
Six More Years: Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was barred from running for president by the Central Election Commission. Navalny was convicted of fraud in a case that may have been political retribution. The conviction was used to disqualify him. About this photo: Alexei Navalny after a 2017 zelenka attack. Photo credit: Evgeny Feldman / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Russian Opposition Leader Barred From Running

ISIS Isn’t Dying ; Controversial Departures from Trump’s White House ...and More Picks

ISIS Isn’t Dying ; Controversial Departures from Trump’s White House ...and More Picks 12/27

One in Seven Young Women Suffer From PTSD (Trevin)

The Guardian writes: “Far from this being a condition solely affecting veterans returning from wars, young women are being traumatised by sexual and physical violence and abuse on the streets, in our schools and in their homes.”

Controversial Departures From Trump’s White House (Reader Steve)

Here is a list of 17 people who departed the Trump White House this year. And yes, many more than 17 people resigned.

Animated Cartoons From World War II Era (Milicent)

Escape from today’s looney-ness to yesterday’s, with these amazing Looney Tunes documentaries: Rookie Revue (1941); The Ducktators (1942); Daffy Duck, Commando (1943). The Ducktators might remind you of someone alive today.

ISIS Isn’t Actually ‘On Its Last Leg’ (Dan)

The Islamic State may be losing ground in Iraq and Syria. But not in Afghanistan.

Philadelphia Church Provides Mexican Family Sanctuary (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Hernández is one of at least 32 people who have publicly taken sanctuary from deportation in churches in 14 states across the country. Those seeking and offering sanctuary in church do so hoping that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement will continue to honor agency guidelines that list places of worship as ‘sensitive locations,’ where officers are not to conduct enforcement actions.”


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