Photo of the Day: US Marines have been risking their lives for their country since the founding of the service 241 years ago today. About this photo: Memorial ceremony for Staff Sgt. Louis F. Cardin of the 2nd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment. Cardin was killed March 19, 2016 while his unit was providing indirect fire support to Iraqi security forces near the town of Mosul. Photo credit: US Marine Corps

Russ Baker Discusses What to Do/Smelly Hog Industry/More

Trump’s First 100 Days ; Nader on America’s Two-Party System ; Fast and Furious: Myth or Reality? ...and More Picks

Trump’s First 100 Days ; Nader on America’s Two-Party System ; Fast and Furious: Myth or Reality? ...and More Picks

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Powerful Hog Industry and Smelly Politics (Russ)

Story of untreated hog waste and an industry that throws bucks around, avoiding accountability.

How President Trump’s First 100 Days Can Undo Obama’s America (Trevin)

The first order of business will be to “identify maybe 25 executive orders” to undo. And of course, there’s the Affordable Care Act, which he plans to appeal, creating 9 million new uninsured Americans, and increasing the federal deficit by $33 billion within a year.

How Trump’s Victory is like the OJ Verdict (Dan)

A result that was unexpected, avoidable, and thrusts shame on all parties involved.

Nader on America’s ‘Two Party Tyranny’ (Trevin)

Suggests that unique obstacles employed to keep third parties off the ballot are unconstitutional, and should be considered criminal.

Despite Trump, Countries Press On to Address Climate Change (Milicent)

Trump has promised to get rid of the Paris Climate Agreement. Other signatories promise the exact opposite.

Not So Fast and Furious (Jimmy)

This article looks at the various “dots” in the Fast and Furious scandal. Can they be connected, does a picture emerge, and have we seen it before?

Trump, Disillusionment, and Global Capitalism (Jimmy)

Trump’s win “proves that the high days of liberal capitalism since the fall of the Soviet Union are finally over.”



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