Donald Trump, Keith Schiller
In the News: The President has appointed long time head of security for the Trump Organization, Keith Schiller, to post of White House Director of Oval Office Operations. Shiller clashed with the Secret Service during the campaign. Shortly after Schiller's appointment to the White House job, the Director of the Secret Service announced his resignation. About this photo: Keith Schiller (highlighted) with Donald Trump during 2016 campaign event. Photo credit: Evan Guest / Flickr  (CC BY 2.0)

Rex Tillerson Talks Preemptive Strike on N. Korea

Trump Job Approval His New Low ; How the Senate Should Vet Gorsuch ...and More Picks

Trump Job Approval His New Low ; How the Senate Should Vet Gorsuch ...and More Picks for 3/20

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Poll: Trump Job Approval Hits New Low (Trevin)

As the GOP pitches its new healthcare plan, Trump’s approval rating has dipped down to 37%.

How the Senate Should Vet Gorsuch (Dan)

Many feel the Supreme Court has become inseparable from contemporary politics. So much so that almost all 2016 presidential candidates had a ‘litmus test’(think climate change or abortion) for their potential SCOTUS nominee. This article provides a few pointed questions that would detail Gorsuch’s professional and personal opinions without the political theater.

Rex Tillerson on North Korea, Preemptive Strike & WMDs (Jimmy)

The Secretary of State indicated that a preemptive military strike against North Korea may be necessary in order to prevent the country from continuing its development of nuclear weapons.

Hackers Trying to Connect Russian Bank to Trump? (Russ)

The Alfa Bank-Trump connection has proved one of the most damaging elements of evidence for collusion between Trump and Russia. But is it true? Alfa Bank now claims hackers are seeking to create an “illusion” of contact.

US May Stay in the Paris Climate Agreement, But…(Dan)

Surprisingly, many on the Right see an advantage to staying in the Paris Climate agreement: power. Now if some of the Obama administration’s targets can be weakened and technology developed to reduce greenhouse gases, the Trump administration would not be so adverse to remaining in the agreement.


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