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Google Rolls Out Passkey Tech in ‘Beginning of the End’ for Passwords (Maria)

The author writes, “Google is moving one step closer to ditching passwords, rolling out its passkey technology to Google accounts from Thursday. The passkey is designed to replace passwords entirely by allowing authentication with fingerprint ID, facial ID or pin on the phone or device you use for authentication. Apple has begun using the technology in iOS16 and the latest MacOS release, and Microsoft has been using it through the Authenticator app.”

10-Year-Old Children Were Found Working at a Louisville McDonald’s Until 2 A.M. (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “Two 10-year-old children were found working at a Louisville McDonald’s restaurant — sometimes until 2 a.m. — the US Department of Labor said Tuesday. The revelation was part of an investigation into the child labor law violations in the Southeast. The agency also found three franchisees that own more than 60 McDonald’s locations in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland and Ohio, ‘employed 305 children to work more than the legally permitted hours and perform tasks prohibited by law for young workers,’ the Labor Department said in a statement.”

Top US CEO Pay Rose 7.7% Last Year, Outpacing Inflation, Study Finds (Sean)

The author writes, “Median pay for top U.S. CEOs rose 7.7% last year to a record $22.3 million, a new study found, as big stock awards helped the group stay ahead of inflation while U.S. workers’ pay fell behind. … The study reviewed the 100 highest paid CEOs at U.S. public companies with revenue of $1 billion or more that reported compensation as of March 31. A similar review last year showed a 31% pay increase for CEOs for 2021.”

A Christian Health Nonprofit Saddled Thousands With Debt as It Built a Family Empire Including a Pot Farm, a Bank, and an Airline (Al)

From ProPublica: “Despite a history of fraud, one family has thrived in the regulatory no man’s land of health care sharing ministries, where insurance commissioners can’t investigate, federal agencies turn a blind eye and prosecutors reach paltry settlements.”

The Renewed Importance of the Texas Gay Rodeo (Roshni)

From The New Yorker: “As conservative politicians try to control expressions of gender and sexuality, a rural haven from hostility offers competition and comfort.”

Tesla Plans to Build Huge Factory in Mexican City Struggling With Water Scarcity (Reader Jim)

From Truthout: “People were lining up with buckets to get water from a truck last year in Monterrey, Mexico, as two of the city’s three dams almost completely dried up. Now Tesla has plans to build a huge electric car ‘gigafactory’ in that same water-insecure city.”

Scientists Find Deepest-Ever Fish, 5 Miles Beneath Ocean’s Surface (Laura)

The author writes, “Researchers said [last month] footage shows the deepest fish ever seen on camera, 8,336 meters, or more than 27,000 feet, below the waves. The video was captured during a two-month expedition studying deep trenches around Japan last August, as part of a broader, decadelong project to study the planet’s deepest fish populations.”

A Supersonic ‘Invisible Monster’ Black Hole Is on the Loose, Say Scientists (Michaela)

The author writes, “Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have found what scientists believe to be a supermassive black hole barreling through intergalactic space. The object, which weighs as much as 20 million Suns, is thought to have escaped from the center of a galaxy — where black holes regularly reside — after the merger of three galaxies saw it ejected into space. It’s moving so fast that if it was in our solar system it could travel from Earth to the Moon in 14 minutes.”


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