Manafort Hopeful After Mueller Mistake ; Understanding the Netanyahu Indictment ; and More Picks 3/1

Manafort Hopeful After Mueller Mistake (Dan)

Embroiled former Trump adviser Paul Manafort is hopeful after special counsel Robert Mueller’s team admitted relying too heavily on testimony from Rick Gates regarding shared polling data with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian/Ukrainian consultant. Kilimnik has already been convicted for lying to federal prosecutors.

Federal Judge Confirmed Without Home-State Senators’ OK (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Before Tuesday, a [federal judicial] nominee had never been confirmed without the support of at least one home-state senator.”

Texas Landowner Tells Congress She Doesn’t Want a Border Wall in Her Back Yard (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “[Nayda Alvarez’s] lawsuit, which names Trump and Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, seeks to block the administration from diverting some $8 billion in military construction and other funds for a border wall.”

An Israeli Journalist Explains the Coming Indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu (Chris)

The New Yorker looks at how the Israeli prime minister “plans to fight the charges against him, the complex role of the Israeli Attorney General, and what really motivates Netanyahu.”

Mitigating Climate Disaster Requires Systemic Change (Chris)

The author writes, “To end our fossil fuel addiction we need a fundamental technological change — but this cannot happen without changing our social and economic systems.”

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