Trump's Xenophobia Could Create a Public Health Crisis ; Different Foods Linked to Different Types of Stroke ; and More Picks 2/25

Trump’s Xenophobia Could Create a Public Health Crisis (Gerry)

From the New Republic: “Health systems, especially in urban settings, are fully integrated, and what affects one population can affect the whole of the population. Much of the Trump administration’s bellicose immigration agenda revolves around the notion of hard, bright lines between the deserving and the undeserving: citizen and noncitizen, documented and undocumented, worthy refugee and lying opportunist. Even in the law, these differences are blurry at best. The basic realities of public health … defy these distinctions to the point of insignificance.”

Is Coronavirus Panic Sending Us Back to the Days of Racist Quarantines? (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “There is a broad consensus about the need to quarantine and track those who have actually had documented exposure to the virus, but both health officials and civil liberties advocates have raised questions about the overly broad application of quarantines and travel bans, with some public health experts suggesting they might actually encourage people to cheat and to lie about their travel itineraries as a way to evade quarantines. The end result could, paradoxically, actually worsen the epidemic.”

UC Santa Cruz Strikers to Lose TA Jobs (Chris)

From Inside Higher Ed: “The university is ‘threatening to fire graduate student workers en masse for asking to be paid enough to live where they work,’ reads a memo from graduate employees in the department of astronomy and astrophysics … ‘We reject the notion that our fellow workers at [Santa Cruz] should be threatened with a loss of employment, ability to feed themselves and their families, and likely loss of ability to continue in a graduate program, for demanding to be relieved of extreme rent burden so that they can focus on the university’s academic missions of excellence in teaching and research.’ The entire California system relies heavily on teaching assistants to deliver undergraduate education and for research.”

‘She Was Slowly Disappearing Into Some Kind of Darkness’ (Inez)

From the Guardian: “A new book by Greta Thunberg’s mother reveals the reality of family life during her daughter’s transformation from bullied teenager to climate icon.”

Study Finds Different Foods Linked to Different Types of Stroke (Mili) 

The author writes, “Until now, most studies have looked at the association between food and total stroke (all types of stroke combined), or focused on ischaemic stroke only. However, [a] current study of more than 418,000 people in nine European countries investigated ischaemic stroke and haemorrhagic stroke separately. The study found that while higher intakes of fruit, vegetables, fibre, milk, cheese or yoghurt were each linked to a lower risk of ischaemic stroke, there was no significant association with a lower risk of haemorrhagic stroke. However, greater consumption of eggs was associated with a higher risk of haemorrhagic stroke, but not with ischaemic stroke.”

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