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Recounts Positive When Allowed/Lack of Evidence in Russia Hack/More

Suspicious Human Tracking Bill Passes ; Intel Agencies Won't Brief Congress on Hack ; Yahoo Hacked ...and More Picks

Suspicious Human Trafficking Bill Passes ; Intel Agencies Won't Brief Congress on Hack ; Yahoo Hacked ...and More Picks

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Human Tracking Bill Passes House (Jeff C.)

The bill, HR 4919, would pave the way for tracking devices for “individuals with forms of dementia, … or children with developmental disabilities who have wandered from safe environments.” What could go wrong?

US-Russia ‘Deconflict’ Hotline (Dan)

As reporting has shown, Syria desperately needs a detente between the powers involved. US and Russia are attempting just that with a special hotline. However the fog of war makes the result more of a “Dr  Strangelove” scenario.

Not Enough Evidence for Russian Hacking DNC (Jimmy)

“If we’re going to blame the Russian government for disrupting our presidential election — easily construed as an act of war — we need to be damn sure of every single shred of evidence. Guesswork and assumption could be disastrous,” cites author Sam Biddle. Here’s what we do know, and why it’s not enough evidence.

Intel Community Won’t Brief Congress on Russians (Trevin)

Cites the ongoing Obama review of foreign intervention in the US electoral process going back to 2008.

1 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked (Jimmy)

Yahoo has recently disclosed that a hack from 2013 compromised the user accounts. It is the largest cyber breach of a company in history. The company has not disclosed who it believes was responsible for the hack.


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