cars, protesters
Lethal Weapons: A handful of state legislatures are considering laws that would protect drivers who kill protesters. Some of these efforts are applauded by police unions. About this photo: Protesters against the Jeronimo Yanez not guilty verdict block traffic in St. Anthony, Minnesota. Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Rebuilding China’s Heartland (Dan)

Startups are popping up in China’s southern ‘heartland’ region. Many of these budding enterprises receive financial help from the government. Yet many of the problems with growth are similar to what’s plaguing America’s heartland.

Former State Dept. Official on Trump’s Afghanistan Surge (Jimmy)

Matthew Hoh, a former US Marine and State department official who resigned in protest in 2009 over the Obama administration’s foreign policy in Afghanistan, speaks out on Donald Trump’s new plan for Afghanistan.

Governors Step Forward as Trump Alternative (Reader Steve)

When their is an unpopular executive, governors see a path to claim some airtime.

Remembering the Goal in Afghanistan (Dan)

Afghanistan was about removing Al-Qaeda and Taliban elements in the country. At one point, this was achieved. It was after that the US veered drasticly off course.

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