Puerto Rico, deaths, 2,975
September 20 marked the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico — where according to the Puerto Rican government over 2,975 people lost their lives. Members of social and environmental justice movements staged a memorial rally at Union Square in New York City to highlight Puerto Ricans fighting for a just and equitable recovery. Photo credit: © G. Ronald Lopez / ZUMA Wire

Rally for Puerto Rico on First Anniversary of Hurricane

Times Op-Ed Author Revealed? ; Russia to Give Syria Anti-Aircraft System ...and More Picks

Times Op-Ed Author Revealed? ; Russia to Give Syria Anti-Aircraft System ...and More Picks 9/24

Right to Remain Anonymous: Scholar Who Decoded ‘Primary Colors’ Unmasks Author of Times Op-Ed (Russ)

The author writes, “The initial project is … not to identify the author, but to determine, Who in hell does Anonymous think he is? And that question is easy to answer, because he tells us.”

PayPal Bans Alex Jones, Saying He ‘Promoted Hate’ (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Payment processing giant PayPal has cut off the account of Alex Jones—the latest in a long line of technology companies to cut ties with the radio host and online provocateur.”

New York Library Lends Out Ties, Briefcases, and Handbags for Job Interviews (Russ)

The author writes, “Starting last month, a New York library branch began experimenting with new offerings: neck ties, bow ties, handbags, and briefcases intended for people with limited resources who are heading for job interviews, auditions, or any other events for which they need to dress up.”

After Plane Downed, Russia to Give Syria Advanced S-300 Anti-Aircraft System (Reader Luke)

The author writes, “The Russian defense ministry said Monday that President Vladimir Putin will outfit the Syrian military with its sophisticated S-300 air defense system and jam radars of military planes striking from off the coast of the Mediterranean, in the wake of the downing of a Russian spy plane by Syrian air defenses during an Israeli strike last week.”

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