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Rough Road Ahead: Some states are suspending driver's licenses and/or professional licenses for people behind on their student loan payments. This practice punishes families while making it harder for individuals to repay loans. Photo credit: School of Media and Public Affairs at GWU / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Punishing Student Loan Debtors

Big Tech’s Big Win Under Trump ; US Paid $7 Million to Benghazi Informant ; Sanders-Warren Plan for Puerto Rico ...and More Picks

Big Tech’s Big Win Under Trump ; US Paid $7 Million to Benghazi Informant ; Sanders-Warren Plan for Puerto Rico ...and More Picks 11/29

Is Chicago Failing to Investigate Serial Killings? (Chris)

Vice News Tonight looks into a disturbing pattern in recent Chicago homicides — one that may be getting overlooked due to the high number of (frequently unsolved) gang-related killings there.

Trump’s Chance to Suppress Voters is Here (Reader Steve)

On Friday, a decree to prevent voter suppression is set to expire. Trump, and his fellow Republicans, are keeping a close eye on this.

US Paid Benghazi Informant $7 Million to Testify (Dan)

The alleged “mastermind” of the 2012 Benghazi attack, Ahmed Abu Khallata — who nonetheless will almost surely spend life in jail — has been acquitted of murdering four Americans. The reason the murder conviction didn’t stick was the shaky evidence around the case — and that jurors were skeptical of hefty US payments to an informant.

Leftist Comedian, Civil Rights Activist to be Subpoenaed in Russia Investigation (Trevin)

Randy Credico, who believes he is under suspicion for having held meetings with Julian Assange, says he has worked rooms “much tougher” than Congress.

Big Tech Condemns Trump in Public, Celebrates Him in Private (Dan)

From renegotiating NAFTA to reforming the US visa program, Trump sees Big Tech as big job creators. The heads of Apple, Google, and others are loving the support — in private.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Propose $146 Billion ‘Marshall Plan’ for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands (Jimmy)

The author writes, “The plan includes immediate relief for the island’s cash-strapped government, billions more for economic development and renewable energy, and Medicaid and Medicare parity, a key priority for the island.”

Time to Release the Internet from the Free Market — and Make it a Basic Right (Jimmy)

The author writes, “When you think of the internet without net neutrality, you should think of the pleasures of modern air travel. You pay for a checked bag, you pay for a modicum of legroom, you pay for a lousy sandwich. The internet without net neutrality will likely look similar: the basics are barely tolerable, and everything else costs extra.”


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