Trump's Latest Effort to Gaslight America Is Falling Apart ; USPS Should Be Expanded ; and More Picks 5/12

Trump’s Latest Effort to Gaslight America Is Falling Apart (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “How will Trump persuade the country we are returning to a normalcy that makes it safe to resume economic activities when his own advisers are panicked about its invasion of their own spaces, even as they can protect themselves in a way we cannot?”

Kentucky’s Workforce Hit Hard by Coronavirus (Reader Steve)

From the Lexington Herald-Leader: “Unemployment claims as a percentage of the labor force in Kentucky have totaled about 33 percent, the highest level in the country, Fitch Ratings said in a report released Thursday.”

Police Seize 19,000 Stolen Artifacts in International Art Trafficking Crackdown (Dana)

The author writes, “Two huge international police and customs operations … have led to the arrest of 101 people and the recovery of more than 19,000 items, including a pre-Columbian gold mask, a carved Roman lion and thousands of ancient coins.”

USPS Should Be Expanded, Could Help Save Local Journalism (Chris)

From the Nation: “Recent years have witnessed increased calls for building on the postal system’s infrastructure by offering such services as postal banking. But one intriguing idea missing from these discussions is the post office’s unique potential for producing community-level news.” 

How Rebel Botanists Are Using Graffiti to Name Forgotten Flora (Chris) 

The author writes, “A rising international force of rebel botanists armed with chalk has taken up street graffiti to highlight the names and importance of the diverse but downtrodden flora growing in the cracks of paths and walls in towns and cities across Europe. … In the UK it is illegal to chalk anything — hopscotch, art or botanical names — on paths or highways without permission, even if it educates, celebrates and fosters interest and knowledge in nature.”

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