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In the News: According to the Global Business Travel Association, approximately $185 million in business travel bookings were lost during the first week of the Trump administration’s travel ban. Photo credit: Garry Knight / Flickr

Oprah for President in 2020?

Four Hidden Bits of Trump’s Immigration Policy ; Fears of a ‘Pension Tsunami’ ... and more Picks

Four Hidden Bits of Trump’s Immigration Policy ; Fears of a ‘Pension Tsunami’ ... and more Picks 3/3.

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Rand Paul’s Strange Obamacare Story (Dan)

Libertarian Rand Paul attempted to literally steal the new Obamacare replacement draft from it’s super secure and secret hands on Capitol Hill. At least that is his side of the story. Other accounts differ, even so far as that no replacement draft actually exists.

Expert: ‘Pension Tsunami’ Coming to US (Jeff C.)

A drained pension fund has retired New York union workers pinching pennies to survive. But it’s not an isolated case: Doom looms for reserves across the country.

Sweden Reinstates Draft (Russ)

Sweden did away with the draft in 2010. Now the left-leaning government coalition of the Social Democrats and the Greens have reinstated compulsory military participation. Here’s why.

Four Hidden Bits in Trump’s Immigration Policy (Dan)

Many on the Left see Trump’s new immigration orders as worse than Obama. Many on the Right claim Trump is just continuing the infrastructure developed under Obama. Here are four ‘hidden’ bits that show both sides are correct in a dark way.

How Perfect Lawns are Destroying Our Environment (Russ)

Enjoy mowing the grass? Admiring that perfect lawn gnome? Well, this article may have you reconsider that past time.

Oprah Winfrey 2020 (Jimmy)

Politico Magazine speculates that the famous billionaire talk-show host may be leaving the door open to a 2020 presidential run, and that her celebrity power and wide appeal might be just what the Democrats are looking for.


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