The California Coast Is Disappearing ; Typewriters Making a Comeback ; and More Picks 7/9

One Climate Crisis Disaster Happens Every Week, UN Warns

The California Coast Is Disappearing ; Typewriters Making a Comeback ; and More Picks

The California Coast Is Disappearing ; Typewriters Making a Comeback ; and More Picks 7/9

‘Protesters as Terrorists’: Growing Number of States Turn Anti-Pipeline Activism Into a Crime (Chris)

The author writes, “[Anti-protest] bills have mostly found fertile legislative ground in places where gas and oil companies already wield significant political and economic power and where anti-fossil fuel protests have been especially successful. But watchdogs say there’s every reason to believe more of these types of laws will be passed, and that they will chill activism otherwise protected by the first amendment.”

The California Coast Is Disappearing Under the Rising Sea. Our Choices Are Grim. (Chris)

From the LA Times: “In the last 100 years, the sea rose less than 9 inches in California. By the end of this century, the surge could be greater than 9 feet.”

Agriculture Department Suspends Critical Tracking of Plunging Honey Bee Population (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “The department will suspend data collection for its Honey Bee Colonies report, and officials did not say when — or if — it would be restarted. It will release data already collected from January 2018 through April of this year. The Agricultural Department has been a key source of data on the insects, which is critically important to scientists and farmers.”

Calculation Shows We Could Add a US-Sized Forest to the Planet to Fight Climate Change (Mili)

The author writes, “New findings were published on Thursday in Science show just how important a role [trees] could play in climate mitigation efforts by calculating ‘Earth’s tree carrying capacity.’ Right now there are estimated to be nearly 17 million square miles of forest cover on Earth, and there’s enough room to add another 3.5 million square miles of trees — a U.S.-sized chunk of land — to sequester even more carbon. There’s just one slight wrinkle: Climate change could make life in certain parts of the globe inhospitable for some of those new trees, particularly in the tropics.”

Typewriters Making a Comeback (Reader Steve) 

The author writes, “For most of us, the clickety-clack of a manual typewriter — or the gentler tapping of the IBM Selectric — are but memories, or something seen only in movies. But at the few remaining typewriter repair shops in the country, business is booming as a younger generation discovers the joy of the feel and sound of the typewriter — and older generations admit they never fell out of love with it.”


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