360-degree broadcast, rocket launch
In the News: Tuesday, you can watch the first live 360-degree broadcast of an Atlas V rocket launch on YouTube. Launch is scheduled during a 30-minute window that opens at 11:11 a.m. EDT. NASA Television YouTube channel will start streaming 10 minutes prior to lift-off. About this photo: ULA Atlas V rocket launch at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, May 20, 2015. Photo credit: US Air Force

NYT Hires Climate Change Denier

Scientists Turn Desert Air into Water ; A Look into Ancient ‘Deep Politics’ ...and More Picks

Scientists Turn Desert Air into Water ; A Look into Ancient ‘Deep Politics’ ...and More Picks for 4/17

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NYT Hires Extreme Climate Denier (Jeff C.)

The New York Times hypes itself as an antidote to “fake news.” New columnist Bret Stephens dismisses as “imaginary” the climate reality routinely reported by the Times. They can’t both be right.

New Solar-Powered Invention Turns Dry Desert Air Into Water (Milicent)

Scientists have created an amazing gadget that can harvest water out of dry desert air, where the humidity is as low as 20 percent. And it is powered by solar energy alone. The key component to this device is extremely porous material called a MOF (metal-organic-framework).

Trump Syria Strike Sign of Weakness, Not Resolve (Celia)

Mark Thompson writes, “The unilateral nature of Trump’s strike turns it into little more than a geopolitical weather vane, tied only to his outrage and disgust, but delinked from any official U.S. policy, strategy, or declaration of war.”

Dems Still Split on Populist Message (Dan)

This article reports that leadership Dems plan to release a ‘populist’ set of policy initiaves.. This article also mentions that many Dems believe that their anti-Trump message will be enough to sway voters without real policy initiatives.

A Different Kind of News Story (Reader Steve)

We’re bombarded daily by news that puts doubt in humanity. This story of theft is a different way to view the negativity.

 Info-Graphic: The Assassination of Julius Caesar (Trevin)

A creative and quick history lesson in ancient “deep politics.”


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