Edward Snowden Wants to Come Home ; The Limits of Clean Energy ; and More Picks 9/17

Edward Snowden Wants to Come Home (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “In his new memoir, Permanent Record, Snowden tells his story in detail for the first time and speaks about his life in exile in Russia. Snowden, who now identifies himself as a privacy advocate, said his biggest issue with standing trial in the U.S. is that the government won’t allow the jury to consider his motivations.”

How Alt-Right Memes Are Indoctrinating Gen Z (Chris)

The author writes, “For years, toxic and offensive memes have proliferated on social media. … As researchers at Cornell University discovered last year, the spread of edgy, conservative memes extended beyond platforms like Reddit and 4Chan and on to more mainstream sites like Twitter and Instagram. ‘Fringe web communities have the power to twist the meaning of specific memes,’ wrote co-author Emiliano De Cristofaro, a professor at UCL, ‘change their target context, and make them go viral on mainstream communities.’”

The Limits of Clean Energy (Chris)

From Foreign Policy: “The phrase ‘clean energy’ normally conjures up happy, innocent images of warm sunshine and fresh wind. But while sunshine and wind is obviously clean, the infrastructure we need to capture it is not. Far from it. The transition to renewables is going to require a dramatic increase in the extraction of metals and rare-earth minerals, with real ecological and social costs.”

What It’s Like Living in One of the Hottest Cities on Earth (Mili)

The author writes, “The week before I arrived in Jacobabad, the city had reached a scorching 51.1°C (124°F). Similar temperatures in Sahiwal, in a neighboring province, combined with a power outage, had killed eight babies in a hospital ICU when the air-conditioning cut out.”

Felicity Huffman Requests to Do Her Time at ‘Cushy’ Dublin Prison Where She Can Sunbathe (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Lawyers for Huffman asked that she serve time at Federal Correctional Institution Dublin, a minimum security federal prison for women. In 2009, FCI Dublin was named one of America’s ‘10 cushiest prisons’ by Forbes.”

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