What If Coronavirus Hits Seattle's Homeless Shelters? ; Hard Data Shows ‘Bernie Bros’ Are a Myth ; and More Picks 3/10

Scientists Will Soon Be Able to Monitor Air Pollution Hourly From Space (Mili) 

From The Verge: “NASA, South Korea, and the European Space Agency are working together on a ‘virtual constellation’ of space-based instruments to document global air quality in unprecedented detail.”

What If Coronavirus Hits Seattle’s Homeless Shelters? (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Every night at St. Martin de Porres shelter, 212 men over the age of 50 pack in to sleep on mats on the ground 6 inches apart. Many clients here have underlying medical conditions … and during the day the shelter serves as a kind of medical respite for people who have nowhere else where they can go and recuperate. St. Martin de Porres is not alone; in a 2019 survey of almost 1,200 homeless people in King County, 27% said they had a chronic health problem.”

Bloomberg’s Job Security Promises Are Falling Through, Campaign Workers Say (Russ)

The author writes, “Former campaign workers for Michael R. Bloomberg’s presidential bid reacted angrily on Monday to news that they would not work through the November election, as expected.”

There Is Hard Data That Shows ‘Bernie Bros’ Are a Myth (Chris) 

From Salon: “A computational social scientist’s study shows Bernie’s Twitter followers act pretty much the same as everyone else.”

Osaka Police Seize 5,800 Bike Seats, Arrest Man in Theft Case (Chris)

The author writes, “Hiroaki Suda, 57, was arrested on Feb. 13 after a security camera caught him stealing two bike seats worth roughly ¥8,000 on Nov. 29 and 30 at a train station and a parking lot for bicycles in Higashiosaka. Suda has admitted to the charges, with the police quoting him Friday as saying, ‘I began to steal bike seats about 25 years ago in Tokyo and Osaka to relieve stress at work and, gradually, collecting them turned out to be fun.’”

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