Is the Electric Car Bubble Bursting? ; Donald Trump's Iran Humiliation ; and More Picks 10/14

Is the Electric Car Bubble Bursting? (Jeff C.)

Dyson has killed its $2.5 billion initiative for electronic vehicle development, the latest in a string of failures for a sector that was booming a few short years ago. 

Instacart Delivery Workers Are Planning a Three-Day Strike (Chris)

The author writes, “In November, Instacart workers across the country will disrupt operations of the grocery delivery app by cancelling and refusing to take orders.”

Donald Trump’s Iran Humiliation (Reader Pat)

From Truthdig: “The collapse of the U.S. campaign of ‘maximum pressure’ can only be interpreted as a strategic victory for Iran, and a decisive defeat for the United States.”

Urgent Warning as a Horrific Flesh-Eating Tropical Disease Spreads Across Australia (Mili)

The author writes, “Previously, the flesh-eating ulcer was confined to the Daintree and Mossman rivers north of Cairns. Microbiologist Tim Stinear of the University of Melbourne said it’s worrying that the disease has begun to spread.”

Here Are the Indigenous People Christopher Columbus and His Men Could Not Annihilate (Russ)

The author writes, “This year the District of Columbia joins at least five states and dozens of cities and counties in replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It’s part of a decades-long reckoning with the sanitized version of the European colonization of the Americas.”

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