CDC, new director, Rochelle Walensky, COVID-19
The author writes, “One of the first priorities of the next director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to make sure the scientists and public health experts of the agency are ‘heard again.’ In an interview Tuesday with the editor of JAMA, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, President Joe Biden’s pick to head the CDC, said she will rely heavily on the nearly 10,000 employees at the giant public health agency, including many she said have not been able to speak out about the COVID-19 pandemic during the last four years under the Trump administration.” Photo credit: Clora Torrence /

Trump Is Exiting the White House With His Brand in Tatters ; Why New Hampshire Is Suing Massachusetts ; and More Picks 1/20

‘Money Goes Towards Power’: Trump Is Exiting the White House With His Brand in Tatters (Dana)

The author writes, “Trump has been effectively banished from vast swathes of the American economy. The list of companies and organizations that have announced they will no longer do business with him is long –– and getting longer. In the days after Trump incited the deadly Capitol riot, social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), financial institutions (Deutsche Bank, Signature Bank), and e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Stripe) have cut ties with him. PGA of America said it wouldn’t hold its 2022 championship tournament at Trump’s Bedminster golf course. In Trump’s native New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared the city would cancel municipal contracts with Trump to operate two ice rinks, Central Park Carousel, and a public golf course in the Bronx.”

Why New Hampshire Is Suing Massachusetts (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Freedom from income taxes is a New Hampshire delight: The Granite State is one of nine that don’t tax ordinary income. Of course, that benefit doesn’t apply to New Hampshire residents who commute to work across the Massachusetts border. Income earned inside Massachusetts by an out-of-state resident is subject to Massachusetts taxes. What about a New Hampshire resident who used to commute to Massachusetts? A no-brainer, surely. If you don’t live in Massachusetts, and you no longer work in Massachusetts, then Massachusetts has no right to tax your earnings. … Then came the pandemic. Massachusetts declared an emergency and ordered non-essential workplaces to close. Many of the 84,000 New Hampshire residents who had been commuting to jobs in the Bay State switched to working from home. Under the rule that had been in place for decades, Massachusetts could no longer tax their income. So it invented a new rule.”

Deported Marine Veteran, Exiled for 12 Years, Finally Wins US Citizenship (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “From the temporary housing in Los Angeles that he now calls home, Marine Corps veteran Roman Sabal thought back to the moment his whole life changed in 2020. Standing straight and stiff as his years in the Marines taught him, amid falling snow flurries in late October in El Paso, the formerly deported veteran raised his right hand and repeated the oath to become a U.S. citizen.”

‘They Did Not Die in Vain’: On ‘Alabama,’ John Coltrane Carefully Wrought Anguish Into Grace (Dan)

From WBGO: “In this era when it has been necessary to affirm that Black Lives Matter, John Coltrane’s powerful piece ‘Alabama’ feels more relevant and urgent than ever. In 2020, many people who had previously been silent finally had enough and made themselves heard, on the streets and online. Coltrane was a man who chose to keep his political opinions to himself; he once famously declined to give an opinion when pressed about hearing Malcolm X speak. So the fact that he recorded a piece called ‘Alabama’ soon after the ghastly 1963 church bombing in Birmingham shows that he too had enough.”

Saudia Arabia Launches 170KM City Built in a Straight Line (Dana)

From Middle East Eye: “Saudi Arabia has launched an ambitious plan to construct a zero-carbon city built in a 170km straight line, the first major construction project for the $500bn futuristic megacity Neom. … Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched ‘The Line,’ which forms part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategy to diversify its economy and move away from its reliance on oil. The Line will have no cars or roads and will be populated by one million residents from around the world.”


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