Vladimir Putin, art
Perfect Timing: The UMAM museum in Moscow opened an exhibition titled “SUPERPUTIN,” displaying about 30 artworks lionizing Vladimir Putin as a superhero and other pop culture icons. The exhibition opened the same day President Putin announced his bid for a fourth term. Photo credit: Alberto Cabello / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Moscow’s Pro-Putin Museum

Alabama’s Real Loser: Bannon ; Welcome to the ‘Alt-Tech’ World ...and More Picks

Alabama’s Real Loser: Bannon ; Welcome to the ‘Alt-Tech’ World ...and More Picks 12/13

Roy Moore May Have Lost, But It’s Bannon Who Loses (Dan)

Momentum for Bannon’s revolution — and by proxy Trump’s — hit a snag last night with Roy Moore’s loss to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race. Establishment Republicans like Mitch Mcconnell appear OK sacrificing one of theirs to avoid any internal GOP dissent.

Mike Pence, Vice Brownnose (Reader Steve)

Pence’s willingness to be second in command came with a loss of pride — something he didn’t mind losing, apparently.

Meet the ‘Alt-Tech’ Internet (Russ)

These new tech companies provide a “refuge from political correctness and censorship.”

GOP Further Shuns American Bar Association (Dan)

Republicans have long believed that the American Bar Association (ABA) has a Democrat bent. Now they’re acting on that feeling by approving judicial nominees that the ABA considers “not qualified.”

NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard (Jimmy)

Newly declassified documents confirm that, during delicate high-level German reunification negotiations in the early 1990s, multiple US and Western political leaders assured the Soviet Union that NATO would expand no further.


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