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More for Less: A Smarter Way to Protect Biodiversity (Maria)

The author writes, “University of Queensland research has revealed that protecting smaller but more strategic parcels of land will result in better and more cost-effective biodiversity conservation outcomes globally. The study, conducted by Dr. Pablo Negret while at UQ’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, has revealed a strategy that could halve the costs of preventing habitat loss. The research is published in Global Change Biology. … The study analyzed the distribution of forest bird habitat in Colombia and how this would change if expansion of protected areas was mainly done in areas of high versus low deforestation risk.”

One in Four Washingtonians Want State to Secede, New Survey Shows (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Almost 1 in 4 Washingtonians — 24%, to be precise — say they’d support the Evergreen State breaking ties with the rest of the nation, according to a recent poll by YouGov. That puts Washington only slightly above the national average for secessionist attitudes — 23% — but behind eight other states, notably Alaska, Texas and California, whose share of pro-exit residents topped the February survey at 36%, 31% and 29%, respectively.”

Ex-Congressional Candidate Endorsed by Trump Wanted for Murder (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “A former Nevada Republican congressional candidate who was endorsed by President Donald Trump is wanted by police in relation to the murder of a man in a Las Vegas hotel. An arrest warrant was issued for 45-year-old politician and former WWE wrestler Daniel Rodimer on Wednesday over an Oct. 29, 2023 incident where 47-year-old Christopher Tapp was found dead in Resorts World Las Vegas. Coroners ruled Tapp’s death a homicide from blunt force trauma.”

The Man Who Tricked Nazi Germany: Lessons From the Past on How to Beat Disinformation (Sean)

From The Guardian: “The story of the British man who took on Hitler’s information machine offers valuable insights into the fight against the rise of authoritarianism.”

Balancing Compassion and Security in Evangelical Views on Immigration (Al)

From Faith on View: “American evangelicals have complex perspectives on immigration and want a nuanced political response, but most want Congress to act soon. A Lifeway Research study sponsored by the Evangelical Immigration Table found evangelicals are increasingly concerned about the number of recent immigrants to the U.S. but still believe Christians have a responsibility to care for those who are in the country illegally. While most want to secure the border to prevent additional illegal immigration, evangelicals also advocate for a path to citizenship for those already in the country.”

YouTube Is the Last Bastion of Unbiased Journalism in India (Russ)

From Rest of World: “As Narendra Modi’s government clamps down on the free press, top journalists are going solo to report unbiased news.

How Molecular ‘Handedness’ Emerged in Early Biology (Mili)

The author writes, “Molecules often have a structural asymmetry called chirality, which means they can appear in alternative, mirror-image versions, akin to the left and right versions of human hands. One of the great mysteries about the origins of life on Earth is that virtually all of the fundamental molecules of biology, such as the building blocks of proteins and DNA, appear in just one chiral form.”

The Butterfly Redemption (Laura)

From Hakai Magazine: “How scientists, volunteers, and incarcerated women are finding hope and metamorphosis through supporting a struggling butterfly.”

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