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Buyer Beware: The US House of Representatives voted to overturn a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule designed to prevent auto lenders from charging higher fees based on race, national origin, or credit score. To make it happen, Republicans used the Congressional Review Act — a 1996 law giving Congress the authority to rescind executive branch regulations within 60 working days. Photo credit: Daniel Oines / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

More Consumer Protection Overturned

Trump’s War With Iran? ; The Dog Whistle in Your Smartphone ..and More Picks

Trump’s War With Iran? ; The Dog Whistle in Your Smartphone ..and More Picks 5/11

The Dog Whistle in Your Smartphone (Russ)

Researchers in the US and China have proven that hidden commands can be sent to your smartphone — without your knowing.

Republicans’ October Surprise: A Moderate Immigration Deal? (Reader Steve)

A group of House Republicans with moderate views toward immigration — who will face tough reelection races in districts with high Latino voters — are pushing for a moderate fix to immigration. The votes are expected in June.

Saving the Iran Deal, European Style (Dan)

This article provides Europeans with a few tips on how to save the deal. And, in many ways, make it better than it currently stands.

Is Trump Trying to Start a War With Iran? (Jimmy)

The author writes, “When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a presentation purporting to reveal new intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program last week, many suspected he had an audience of one in mind: Donald Trump.”

Democrats Demand Answers on AT&T’s $600,000 Payment to Trump’s Lawyer (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Congressional Democrats are asking US regulators for information on whether AT&T payments to President Trump’s personal lawyer were made in order to influence the government’s review of AT&T’s merger with Time Warner Inc.”

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