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More and Faster: Electricity From Clean Sources Reaches 30% of Global Total (Maria)

The author writes, “Billions of people are using different kinds of energy each day and 2023 was a record-breaking year for renewable energy sources — ones that don’t emit planet-warming pollutants like carbon dioxide and methane — according to a report published [last week] by Ember, a think tank based in London. For the first time, 30% of electricity produced worldwide was from clean energy sources as the number of solar and wind farms continued to grow fast. … Of the types of clean energy generated last year, hydroelectric dams produced the most.” 

Trump Promised to Scrap Climate Laws if US Oil Bosses Donated $1B — Report (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “Donald Trump dangled a brazen ‘deal’ in front of some of the top US oil bosses last month, proposing that they give him $1bn for his White House re-election campaign and vowing that once back in office he would instantly tear up Joe Biden’s environmental regulations and prevent any new ones, according to a bombshell new report.”

NYPD Has Spent $53 Million on Overtime Pay Responding to Protests Since October 7 (Dana)

From Gothamist: “The NYPD has spent $53 million on overtime pay to respond to thousands of protests across New York City since the Hamas attacks against Israel on Oct. 7, police officials said on Thursday. The amount is part of a larger, $168 million expenditure for unplanned police overtime since last July, including for protests, subways and migrant shelters, according to the officials. … The NYPD spent roughly $5 million on overtime pay to respond to protests between April 21 and May 7 alone, the officials told councilmembers.”

Rifle-Armed Robot Dogs Now Being Tested by Marine Special Operators (Gerry)

From The War Zone: “The United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) looks to be the first organization within the U.S. military to be using rifle-wielding ‘robot dogs.’ Other armed robotic K-9s have been explored by the U.S. military and shown off by foreign countries in the recent past.”

The Press for Democracy (Al)

The author writes, “My professional life has been spent advocating for Milwaukee’s business community. For 40 years, on a weekly basis, this role has put me in front of a camera, in the paper, or on the radio. From this experience, I want to reflect on two questions: What makes a good reporter? And what role does a free press play in our society?”

Climate Change-Driven Insurance Crisis Threatens New US States (Laura)

From Context: “After major providers quit California, Florida, and Louisiana, insurers are starting to pull back in other U.S. states, leaving homeowners struggling to find affordable cover for the risk of being hit by floods, wildfires or hurricanes. Insurers are retreating from markets in hurricane-prone North Carolina and western states like Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona that have struggled with increasingly frequent and destructive wildfires in recent years.”

What Happened to Red Lobster? Chain Considering Bankruptcy After Endless Shrimp Promotion (Sean)

The author writes, “Red Lobster is reportedly considering filing for bankruptcy. Amid the restaurant’s financial concerns, attention has been placed on Red Lobster’s previous deals, which some suggest may have contributed to the demise. The seafood chain decided to launch an endless shrimp promotion for only $20 and made it a permanent menu item as opposed to one that was only available for a limited time. There is now speculation that this promotion is why the company is currently looking for a buyer to avoid bankruptcy.”


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