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Montana’s Melting Glaciers

FCC Faces Backlash Over Anti-Net Neutrality Moves ; Jimmy Carter Feels the Bern ...and More Picks

FCC Faces Backlash Over Anti-Net Neutrality Moves ; Jimmy Carter Feels the Bern ...and More Picks for 5/11

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FCC Spammed With Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Comments (DH)

The FCC’s call for comments about ending net neutrality spurred over a half million submissions very quickly. Some of those were generated by a bot posting thousands of anti-net neutrality comments.

Short Video on Shameful Moment in US History, May 1939 (Milicent)

In May 1939, Over 900 Jews escaped from Germany on an ocean liner, the SS St. Louis. They were hoping to start new lives in America — but President Roosevelt turned them away. Here is a video on this doomed mission, narrated by a survivor, Gerald Granston, who was six years old at the time.

Real Risk Associated with Mental Illness and Guns is Suicide (Trevin)

Recent handgun purchasers seem to be a much more at-risk of suicide — which is responsible for nearly two-thirds of all gun deaths in the US — than other gun owners. A voluntary no-buy list could save lives of those struggling to manage “recurring suicidality.”

Glaciers in Montana Are Melting Away (Milicent)

Report from the US Geological Survey: global warming has reduced the size of 39 Montana glaciers, some by as much as 85%, compared to their size in 1966. Most are now so small they can no longer be defined as glaciers.

Jimmy Carter Feels the Bern (Jimmy)

Senator Bernie Sanders sat down recently with former President Jimmy Carter to discuss human rights. During the session, Carter revealed that he voted for Sanders over Clinton during the 2016 primary.


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