America Is Burning ; COVID-19 Is Likely Airborne ; Meet the World’s Oldest Bug ; and More Picks 6/1

It’s Bigger Than Buildings. America Is Burning. (Lisa P.)

From the Boston Globe: “You can rebuild a station. There is no resurrection for the dead Black bodies. … America doesn’t listen — not when you have Black skin. But you hear the fire because the heat is loud and the sparks are catching. We’re all aflame now. Like Floyd said, everything hurts.”

The Answer to Police Violence Is Not ‘Reform.’ It’s Defunding. Here’s Why. (Chris C.)

The author writes, “What ‘procedural justice’ leaves out of the conversation are questions of substantive justice. What is the actual impact of policing on those policed and what could we do differently? Over the last 40 years we have seen a massive expansion of the scope and intensity of policing. Every social problem in poor and non-white communities has been turned over to the police to manage.”

Caught in the Crossfire, Canter’s Deli Stayed Open to Distribute Water to Protesters (Reader Steve)

From the Los Angeles Times: “‘I know it sounds crazy, but if the police weren’t there, maybe there would have been less violence?’ [Marc] Canter said.”

COVID-19 Is Likely Airborne, Aerosol Scientist Says (Mili)

From Medscape: “[Kimberly Prather, PhD] says she’s been alarmed not to see the CDC or WHO come out with a strong statement that people could catch COVID-19 by breathing it in.”

DNA From Biblical Canaanites Lives On in Modern Arabs and Jews (Russ)

The author writes, “A new study of ancient DNA traces the surprising heritage of these mysterious Bronze Age people.”

Meet the World’s Oldest Bug: A 425-Million-Year-Old Millipede Fossil (Mili)

The author writes, “[It] is making scientists rethink the evolutionary timescale for bugs and plants.”

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