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Fake Polls: A recently publicised poll claimed Kid Rock was leading Debbie Stabenow in the 2018 Michigan Senate race? A little digging into the origin of that poll was revealing. Photo credit: Ronald Woan / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Media: War Makes Trump ‘Presidential’

US to Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine? / Toyota’s ‘Cloak’ Car ...and More Picks

US to Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine? / Toyota’s ‘Cloak’ Car ...and More Picks for 8/25

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Renewed Talk of Providing ‘Lethal’ Aid to Ukraine (Dan)

A reminder: this lethal aid, first discussed during the Obama years, would be for the Ukrainians. Not their Russia adversaries fighting in the Eastern part of the country.  Again proof that the Trump White House is not as pro-Putin as it appears.

Trump ‘Presidential’ Again — For Ramping Up the War in Afghanistan (Jimmy)

Ben Norton writes, “Like clockwork, pundits responded to the news by rushing to praise Trump for his ‘presidential’ decision. There is nothing quite as presidential as expanding an unending war that has left many thousands of Muslim civilians dead.”

Spain’s Recent Terror Empowers Catalan Separatists (Dan)

The Catalan government in Barcelona remains a part of Spain, albeit tenuously. Debates rages over how much assistance the Catalans should receive from the federal government. Catalans believe they should have had more counterterrorism money in the wake of the Las Ramblas attack. The federal government counters they pay as much as they receive from the Catalans.

Toyota Just Patented a ‘Cloaking Device’ (Reader Rokana)

The goal is not to make their cars invisible, but to actually improve the driver’s visibility.


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