William Colby in White House
The body of former CIA director William Colby is found washed up on a riverbank in southern Maryland, eight days after he disappeared on May 6, 1996.  This photo includes Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller; Deputy Assistant For National Security Affairs Brent Scowcroft; and Central Intelligence Agency Director William Colby in the Cabinet Room of the White House. Photo Credit: White House / Wikimedia

May 6

ISIS Using Carrier Pigeons for Post, 2,000 Doctors for Bernie, Trump’s Taco Bowl, and More Picks

ISIS Using Carrier Pigeons for Post, 2,000 Doctors for Bernie, Trump’s Taco Bowl, and More Picks

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NATO Increases Missile Defense Around Russia (Dan)

To deter any future Russian ambitions of territorial expansion like the annexation of Crimea. War for Peace, anyone?

ISIS Now Using Carrier Pigeons to Deliver Messages (Klaus)

Worried about electronic surveillance, ISIS is using carrier pigeons as a low-tech means to communicate.

Clinton Team Looks to Woo Bush Donors (Dan)

Mostly on Wall Street and yes, mostly by appealing to the fear of a Trump presidency.

2,000 Doctors Say Bernie Sanders Has the Right Approach to Health Care (Trevin)

Funded by a progressive tax, a single-payer approach would cost much less than our current wasteful system. Doing nothing will more than double the amount of uninsured from 12.7 million people to 28 million by 2026.

Doctors Without Borders Pulls Out of UN Humanitarian Meeting (Dan)

Calls the gathering a ‘fig leaf of good intentions’ and that countries were ignoring the ‘systemic violations’ of international humanitarian law.

Trump’s Attempt to Pander to Hispanics Goes Hilariously Wrong (Klaus)

Donald Trump tweeted a photo of himself eating a taco bowl on cinco de Mayo in an apparent attempt to pander to Hispanics. But people who examined the picture more closely realized that the presumptive GOP nominee appeared to have a photo of his bikini-clad ex-wife on his desk. Ooops!

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