bail bonds
Mass Incarceration: Only New Jersey earned an "A" in a scorecard of pretrial justice practices. About 450,000 Americans are in jail awaiting trial due to pretrial risk assessment practices and/or reliance on bail money. Photo credit: Thomas Hawk / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

AFL-CIO Calls for a Break With ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ Politics (Trevin)

Two new measures, adopted last week at the AFI-CIO trade union convention in St. Louis, contend that “both the Democrats and the Republicans are under corporate domination.”

Lawsuit Seeks to Unseal Massacre Info (Chris)

According to a consortium of news organizations including the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times, “significant questions remain unanswered about the [Las Vegas] shooter’s actions and the response of public agencies.”

The People-of-Color Premium (Chris)

Though major insurance companies are “reluctant to share the data” on the matter, they appear to be no strangers to “discriminatory practices.”

Puerto Rico Contract’s Lack of Transparency Not Unusual (Jimmy)

The American public were shocked to discover that the $300m contract made with Whitefish to fix Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure prohibited the government from auditing its profits and labor-costs. But that’s just business as usual.

Administration’s Nominee for CIA Watchdog Allegedly Misled Congress (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Two former CIA employees say the Trump administration’s nominee to be CIA inspector general misled Congress last month when he testified he was unaware of pending complaints they had filed against him.”

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