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In the News: The 10 biggest hacking and security stories of 2016, according to PC World, included Yahoo user data, ransomware, Dyn DDoS attack, DNC data hacks and more. About this photo: "Security Blanket" quilted by Professor Lorrie Faith Cranor, featuring a “word cloud” inspired by the 1,000 most common passwords in a stolen data set of 32 million passwords. Photo credit: National Science Foundation / Flickr

Marine Le Pen’s Plan for France

Red States Succumbing to Climate Change ; Backlash Against Use of Inmates to Build Trump’s Border Wall

Marine Le Pen’s Plan for France; Red States Succumbing to Climate Change ; Backlash Against Use of Inmates to Build Trump’s Border Wall

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Marine Le Pen Wants France Out of the Euro (Jeff C.)

Before leaving the euro, the far-right National Front presidential candidate said she would hold a referendum on France’s relations with the European Union and has pledged to hold such a vote within six months of an election victory.

Red State Succumbing Rapidly to Climate Change (Russ)

Louisiana is going down, down, down thanks to Climate Change. And it’s one of those Red States that likes to pretend the phenomenon is made up.

Bipartisan Condemnation of US Abstention Vote of Israel at UN (Dan)

Thought Democrats were anti-Israel and Republicans were pro the Jewish state? Think again. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) and Mitch McConnell(R-Kentucky) came together on a vote to ‘condemn’ the US abstention from a recent vote on Israeli settlements at the UN. In fact, some journalists believe the Obama administration is the most “pro-Israel” administration in recent years.

ACLU: Plan for Inmates to Build Trump’s Wall ‘Unconstitutional’ (Trevin)

This in response to Bristol County, Mass., Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson’s idea for his inmates — and those from other parts of the country — to do the job via the National Inmates’ Community Endeavors work program. Should the sheriff make good on this “gimmick,” the ACLU “is prepared to use every tool in our toolbox, including litigation, to stop him.”

Why You Should Never Stop Working (Russ)

Hollywood figures who are having the time of their lives – in their nineties.

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