Solar Power Will Be Required on New Homes in CA ; How Bloomberg Made Life Worse for the Poor in NYC ; and More Picks 12/16

‘Ground Zero’ for Sea Level Rise Is New Jersey, New Climate Data Suggests (Mili)

From USA Today: “Human-made gas emissions are speeding up sea level rise around New Jersey and, in tandem with coastal storms, will cause more frequent flooding for decades to come, according to a new report by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Rutgers University.”

Solar Power Required for All New California Homes Starting Jan. 1 (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “The first-in-the-nation rules, which will affect tens of thousands of homes every year, were approved in 2018 by the California Energy Commission under the administration of former Gov. Jerry Brown. They require all new single-family homes — along with new multifamily residences up to three stories tall, like condominiums — to be constructed with solar panels on their roofs or powered by a larger solar array somewhere else. The rules do not affect existing homes.”

Detroit Tops List of Hard-to-Count Cities Ahead of US Census (Reader Steve)

The authors write, “When the U.S. Census Bureau starts counting people next year in Detroit, obstacles are bound to arise: The city has tens of thousands of vacant houses, sparse internet access and high poverty — factors that will make it the toughest community to tally.”

How Bloomberg Made Life Worse for the Poor in New York (Russ)

From Salon: “When Bloomberg took office in 2002, there were over 5,000 homeless families. By the fall of 2013, a few months before he left office, there were close to 12,500 families living in shelters.”

How Studying Bioluminescent Creatures Is Transforming Medical Science (Mili)

The author writes, “The natural light of insects and sea creatures can help doctors illuminate H.I.V. and even kill cancer cells.”

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