Cesar Chavez
Today, March 31, is César Chávez Day. On his 35th birthday on March 31, 1962, Cesar Chavez moved his family to Delano, California and began to work full-time organizing farm workers. About this photo: César Chávez speaking at the Delano United Farm Workers rally in Delano, California, June 1972.  Photo Credit: Joel Levine/ Wikimedia (CC BY 3.0)

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Was Rolling Stones’ Havana Concert a Good Thing — Or Capitalism’s Smiling Serpent? (Russ)

Essayist ponders the dark side of our culture penetrating Cuban shores.

Appeals Court: FBI Whistleblower Wrongfully Terminated for Revealing Agents’ Sex Trips (Trevin)

The case marks the first time an FBI whistleblower had the opportunity to discuss whistleblowing retaliation beyond the FBI’s routine in-house procedure.

Trump Walks Back Idea of Punishing Women for Abortions (Russ)

The frequent reverser now says only doctors should face the music.

Green Party Senate Candidate Forcibly Ejected from Debate (Trevin)

After being invited to participate in the event more than once, then disinvited at the last minute, Dr Margaret Flowers, a candidate for US Senate in Maryland, took the stage in protest and was physically removed despite audience chants of “let her speak.”

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Much More Quickly Than Thought (Klaus)

A gigantic ice sheet in Antarctica, which has long been believed to be particularly vulnerable to melting, could disintegrate much more quickly than anticipated.

Little Miracles, Here and There, in Israel  (Milicent)

Here’s a story that seems too good to be true. Prominent Palestinians — members of the Palestinian Civil Committee for Interaction with Israel (created by Mahmoud Abbas) — have been approaching mayors of Israeli towns to talk about what their lives are like, and to express a yearning for peace. The results are fascinating: “There are people in the Likud Party, including some in Netanyahu’s inner circle, who are surprised to hear what we have to say,” said one committee member. “They tell us, ‘We didn’t know that things were like that on the Palestinian side.’ Actually, they don’t know anything about us. They really believe that Israel is surrounded by wild animals, like Netanyahu tells them. Then they discover that there are no wild animals on the other side, only people who want to live in peace.” Well, there are all kinds of people on both sides.

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