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Flint Investigation Lays Blame for Water Crisis Squarely On The State (Trevin)

An investigatory panel initiated by Gov. Rick Snyder, in its final report released Wednesday, puts primary responsibility on the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), but states that “ultimate accountability for  executive branch decisions rests with the Governor.”

Movie Industry Hammers Georgia Over “Religious Liberty” Bill (Klaus)

Disney and Marvel are threatening to boycott Georgia if Gov. Nathan Deal signs a “religious liberty” bill that would open the door for discrimination against same-sex couples.

Clinton Campaign Boosted By More Rumors and Dishonest Attacks Against Sanders (Trevin)

A super PAC called ‘Correct the Record’ does just the opposite, continuing to drive “off the record” tips against Sanders. It was set up by Clinton operative David Brock, best known for famously deriding Anita Hill as “a bit nutty and a bit slutty.” Shadowproof lists a few of the Clinton team’s most dishonest attacks.

Is the Pentagon Becoming State Department, or is the State Department Becoming the Pentagon? (Dan)

Headache-inducing article that examines money trails, US funding to rogue nations, and how congressional processes are being subverted in the name of democracy promotion. An example from an anonymous administration official: ‘We are telling China not to militarize the South China Sea, but we are giving money for the DoD [and other partners] to do this.’

Alabama Governor Has Hilarious Excuse for Explicit Phone Call (Klaus)

Responding to the publication of a recording of him telling a top political advisor that he loves her and likes to touch her breasts from behind, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said that he loves all of his staff.

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