Thai Fishing Boat
Thai seafood slave ships serve American tables with tuna and shrimp. Thousands of men from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and other countries have been enslaved on Thai fishing boats plying Indonesian territorial waters. About this photo: Thai Fishing Boat Photo Credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from SeaDave / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Huge Warming Spike of Long Ago Outdone By Current Spike (Russ)

A scary spike in carbon dioxide 56 million years ago is subject to a lively debate to discover its causes. But whatever it was, the current spike is considerably more pronounced.

“Burner” Phones, Not Encryption, Used by Paris Terrorists (Klaus)

About that “backdoor” law enforcements wants … It turns out that it would not have helped at all to stop the Paris attacks because the terrorists used so-called “burner” phones and not encryption. 

Right-Wing Websites Falsely Link Pro-Democracy Demo to Anti-Trump (Russ)

The event, taking place in Washington in mid-April, has nothing to do with Trump. But after the website Breitbart made the allegation, other right-wing outlets quickly picked it up.

Trump Names Some Foreign Policy Advisors (Ben)

Here’s the partial list, but how qualified are they?

US and Cuba, A Decades Long Negotiation (Ben)

Obama and Castro conclude their historical talk yesterday with an awkward handshake.

Cat Guilty of Grand Larceny Still Not Arrested, Continues to Steal (Milicent)

Brigit, a blue-eyed Tonkinese cat living in New Zealand, has a compulsion to steal men’s underwear as well as their socks. Check out her amazing collection! Though impressive, it cannot compete with the warehouse-sized pile of loot acquired by yet another cat burglar who operates out of a home in San Francisco. Go here to see a video of this other cat in action. Men, lock up your underwear.

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