The Boeing 737 Max Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse ; Pig Starts Farm Fire by Excreting Pedometer ; and More Picks 3/9

AT&T Plans to Slash Jobs as Part of a Multi-Billion Cost-Cutting Effort (Mili)

The author writes, “AT&T will look to cut tens of billions of dollars in costs over the next few years, including job cuts in the near term, AT&T president John Stankey said at a Morgan Stanley conference this week. … Critics were quick to point out that AT&T’s cost-cutting plans come despite previous promises to increase investment and create jobs as part of the case for corporate tax cuts and the easing of net neutrality rules.”

The Boeing 737 Max Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse (Reader Jim)

From the Daily Beast: “A damning report from House investigators shows the worst breakdown in keeping passengers safe since the start of the Jet Age.”

Google Tracked His Bike Ride Past a Burglarized Home. That Made Him a Suspect. (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “[A] ‘geofence warrant’ [is] a police surveillance tool that casts a virtual dragnet over crime scenes, sweeping up Google location data — drawn from users’ GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connections — from everyone nearby. The warrants, which have increased dramatically in the past two years, can help police find potential suspects when they have no leads. They also scoop up data from people who have nothing to do with the crime, often without their knowing — which Google itself has described as ‘a significant incursion on privacy.’”

These Formerly Incarcerated Women Fought to Close a Jail and Won (Chris)

From Zora: “Built in 1996, the 1,100-bed [Atlanta City Detention Center] was intended to hide the homeless and other undesirables during the Olympics. ACDC’s population has largely been limited to those who violate city ordinances, such as walking in the roadway or shoplifting, or traffic laws.” 

Burning Calories: Pig Starts Farm Fire by Excreting Pedometer (Chris)

The author writes, “Firefighters in North Yorkshire … tackled a blaze that broke out after a pig swallowed a pedometer which then combusted in its pen after excretion.”


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