Korean Peninsula at night taken by astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). North Korea is the dark area between South Korea and China. Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from NASA

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Did Trump Use Bogus Tax Shelters? (Russ)

His one-time accountant promoted them to his clients — and they were eventually challenged by IRS. Could these explain in part his ‘losses’?

$51.3B of Australians’ Credit Card Debt is for groceries, Utilities (Jeff C.)

The rising level of debts, which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also warned in mid-September, indicates the debt cycle that a lot of people could no longer escape.

Nuclear-Armed Drones May be Closer Than You Think (Trevin)

Ballistic missiles are one thing, but a nuclear-armed drone could be hacked and re-directed mid-flight to another target.

‘Glass Cliff’ the Main Option for Female Leaders? (Russ)

Phenomenon where women rise to leadership positions during crises, when their chance of success is limited.

Leaked Emails Show Clinton’s Israel-Palestine Policy in the Making (Jesse)

Her stance on BDS, the Two-State Solution and more appear heavily influenced by Stu Eizenstat, former deputy secretary of treasury under Bill Clinton and a close acquaintance to Israeli PM Netanyahu.

‘Security Fatique’ is a Thing (Mili)

Relentless cybersecurity warnings have given people “security fatigue” that stops them keeping themselves safe, suggests a study.

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