In the News: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center released animations illustrating how Arctic sea ice has been shrinking in surface area and becoming thinner. Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Cindy Starr / Scientific Visualization Studio / NASA

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Syria No-Fly Proposal Hides Self-Interests in Play (Russ)

What’s going on in Aleppo is about more than Russian “meddling” — and the answers require interest in nuance, complexity, and the real motives of the many players.

As Flint Suffers, Nestle Expands Water Privatization (Jeff C.)

It’s a slap in the face in Michigan, where citizens have faced a years-long nightmare over lead contamination in their drinking water. Many residents of Flint are still forced to rely on bottled water for cleaning, cooking, and bathing.

Newspapers Returning to Old Business Model? (Jimmy)

The profit model in major printed newspapers is based on advertising: The readers are the product. But the old model was based on circulation. With sales and advertising revenue in sharp decline, could this be a needed corrective?

Calais Migrants Move to Paris (Dan)

French authorities recently destroyed the “The Jungle” refugee camp in northern France. Where have the many migrants gone since? Paris, and not because they are enamored by the Eiffel Tower.

Sticky Situation for Monsanto Over Tainted Honey (Russ)

Tests show cancer-linked herbicide showing up in honey in key farm state.

Ukrainian Hackers Leak Emails from Top Putin Aides (Jimmy)

The emails, courtesy of a Ukrainian group calling themselves Cyber Hunta, appear to show Russian influence in the Ukrainian separatist movement. Who is Cyber Hunta? Could this be retaliation?

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