Otay Detention Facility, San Diego
Profiting from Mass Incarceration: For-profit prison corporations have seen their stock prices soar after the Trump administration reversed Obama-era rules curtailing their use in the federal system. About this photo: Otay Detention Facility in San Diego owned by Corrections Corporation of America. Photo credit: BBC World Service / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

How Kushner Punishes Debtors

California Helps Inmates Learn Code ; Refugee Decline in Europe ...and More Picks

California Helps Inmates Learn Code ; Refugee Decline in Europe ...and More Picks for 8/21

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California Teaches Inmates to Code, Other States Ban Them From Teaching Themselves (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Their decisions to ban educational texts related to programming, alongside erotica and literature published by neo-nazi groups, are in stark contrast with practices in other states and countries, where prisons include coding in educational programs.”

How Real Estate Empire Kushner & Co Punishes Debtors: Jail (Reader Steve)

Are you an ex-tenant of a Kushner building who owes your former landlord money? Well, a life behind bars could be a consequence.

The Fight for Oil and Gas Drilling Transparency in Colorado (Jimmy)

David Sirota interviews Democratic state Rep. Mike Foote on the oil and gas industry’s efforts to undermine transparency and public health and safety legislation in Colorado.

Are Alt-Right and Libyan Security Forces Stopping Migrant Crisis? (Dan)

The Italian ‘Alt-Right’ have started attacking boats assisting refugees to Italian shores. Meanwhile, the LIbyan Coast Guard has also started attacking pro-refugee boats from Doctors Without Borders. This has lead to a decline in refugees coming to Italian shores. Is this the only way to stop refugees hitting European shores? Furthermore, is it the moral way?


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